Reward Yourself, You Earned It

Personally, I love my Carpe Diem tattoo since it reminds me of running Boston. It was a perfect reward to celebrate the achievement, but I can only have so many tattoos.  I’m guilty of rewarding myself with a pint of Ben&Jerry’s FroYo after a long run, but I can’t make a habit of it. Consuming more calories than expended catches up with you.  Like everyone else, I’m constantly looking for ways to reward myself for achievements that don’t set me back. There are times when Halo Top or glass of wine are absolutely acceptable rewards, but ideally to stay on track, non-food rewards are a better option.  I do my best to stick with rewards that don’t involve calories, not because I’m punishing my body, actually quite the opposite. I want to reward my body for healthy choices with healthy choices that keep me moving in the right direction.  Brunch with the kids or Happy Hour with co-workers on occasion are acceptable options once in a while, since life is about balance and rewards are no exception. I think it’s so important to reward yourself for hard work, but aim for things that don’t involve food most of the time. If it involves food, aim for mostly healthy options. I’ve included a few of my ideas for rewards:

Buy a healthy cookbook
Take a nap
Go to a movie
Make your feet pretty with a pedicure
Take some professional portraits
Register for an event
Buy some new workout music
Try a different exercise class
Give yourself time to organize something- my favorite
With that, clean out your closet and donate anything that’s too big
Go for a picnic and not with fried chicken
Splurge on fun makeup- I love to experiment with glosses and fun nail polish colors
Register for a cooking class
Try an exotic new fruit or vegetable
Give yourself time to hang out at the library
Go to a concert
Upgrade your ear buds
Get a massage
Or a tattoo
Buy a new workout outfit- another one of my favorites
Try a new hairstyle or color
Plan a day trip and explore a new town
Buy yourself some flowers
Learn something new- playing the guitar, knitting or a new activity/sport
Plant a garden
Have an at-home spa day
Go for a hike
Book a session with a personal trainer
Hire someone to clean your house
Buy a fun piece for your house that sparks joy
Upgrade your phone
Test out fun apps
Go camping
Don’t set an alarm and give yourself permission to sleep in
Post your progress on social media so your friends can help you celebrate
Take a bubble bath
Give yourself permission to unplug for an hour and decompress
Plan a bowling night with friends
Buy a kitchen gadget that will make your life easier or limit your carbon footprint
Get fitted for a new sports bra- I don’t think this is fun at the time, but after
Buy some fancy lotion, shower gel or perfume
Subscribe to a magazine related to fitness or healthy eating
Buy a lottery ticket
Plan a random act of kindness and implement
Splurge on moisture-wicking socks, they are totally worth it
Buy a fancy fitness journal, the old school type
Rescue a dog and gain a walking buddy
Get a fun bumper sticker or something for your ride
Go to a soccer, basketball or hockey game- or the ballet, if that’s more your thing
Get a fun workout toy-a heavier kettle bell, fun yoga mat or TRX

We’d love to hear your ideas. How do you reward yourself for short term and long term goals while staying on track?




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