Week of Full Body Workouts

With several of our ladies from boot camp away on vacation, we decided to create a full week of body weight workouts you can do while on vacation, no fitness equipment necessary. I love body weight exercises! They’re fast, effective and can be done anywhere. Vacation is a great time to rest, relax and try new adventures, but to ensure you maintain your peak level of performance, it’s always a great idea to target some specific muscle groups every day as well as maintaining and improving cardio. We hope you enjoy this full body workout plan. Please leave comments below. We love to hear from our readers!

For a great workout, complete each circuit 2 to 3 times.


Week of Full Body:


glute kicks 1 min.

squats 1 min

push-ups 15

v-ups 20

burpees 10

walking lunges 20

jumping split lunges 20

fast feet 1 min.


jumping jacks 1 min.

tricep dips 30 sec.

russian twist 1 min.

push-ups 15 bicycle 45 sec.

basic crunch 45 sec.

plank 1 min.

sumo jump squat 1 min


plie squats 1 min.

plie pulse 30 sec.

jack squats 30 sec.

curtsey lunges 20 each side

heel raises 20

glute bridge hold 1 min., pulse 45 sec.

plank push-ups 12 each side


Try something new! Run, swim, hike, bike, kayak, SUP


air jump rope 1 min.

tricep push-ups 12

pulsing squat jumps 30 sec.

spider man push-ups 1 min.

skater 1 min.

v-ups 20

glute bridge walks 1 min.

basic crunch 30


skater 1 min.

push-ups 15

burpees 12

jump squats 15

russian twist 1 min.

plank alt. leg lift 1 min.


Rest, relax, read, stretch, try a new salad, read an article that inspires, motivates and excites you!


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