Celebrate World Kindness Day

Not that long ago I was reminded just how powerful our words can be. I had finished class and was leaving the club, but decided to pass along a compliment someone had shared with me. It was from a member about a co-worker, wasn’t anything big and I was clocking out at the same time, […]

Feed Your Spirit by Spreading Love

There’s no denying that our world is hurting, people are in pain and hate is all too common. The news and social media are draining and can quickly zap any positive energy. Since I have control of what I put into my head, I make a conscience effort to do what I can to keep […]


I asked Kristen Moore of Mindful Health Solutions to write a guest blog on Mindfulness, specifically related to Mindful eating. We live in a fast paced world and it’s good to remind ourselves to slow down, live in the moment and enjoy life, especially when it comes to food and eating. I hope you enjoy […]

May the 4th be with you workout

  While we both love to celebrate life, I highly doubt Shelly shares my fascination with the Rebel Alliance and all things related to Star Wars. You’d never guess it, though, with our Star Wars workout this morning as we celebrated May 4th a little early. It was totally geeky, but it got our heart […]

Easter Weekend Workout

Happy Easter!

For this weekends workout we decided to add plyometrics to keep it fresh and fun for the whole family! Grab your workout partner, spouse and/or kids and go out in the sun for a fresh, fun new workout. Hoppy Easter!!


Teresa & Shelly

Always Be a Goal Digger

We love this saying because goals are so important for growth and success. Elbert Hubbard wrote “Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organised their energies around a goal.” So… always be a goal digger! : ) At Strength, Stamina, Spirit we like […]

Lessons from the Kona Marathon

Back in June, I finished the Kona Marathon without even looking at the race results or taking one of their post-race pictures.  My Garmin had run out of battery and the watermelon at the finish line was warm, both signs that I took way too long.  Deflated and discouraged after a bad run, I headed […]