Pumpkin-Honey Beer Quick Bread

I can’t believe I’ve had this recipe filed away from Cooking Light since 2008. Talk about embarrassing. At least I can say it was worth the wait. I love quick breads, mainly because I don’t have the patience for traditional bread making with yeast and waiting for it to rise, etc. Plus, quick breads tend […]

Healthy and Delicious, Banana Bread Buckeyes

This is the first recipe I have made from The Toasted Pine Nut’s Blog and I am sold. These banana bread buckeyes are delicious and I love that she included hemp seeds – non-animal protein is always a win! To save time, I altered the recipe a bit. I didn’t melt the chocolate, instead I […]

Cantaloupe Sherbet

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to find something tasty for my dad that didn’t require a grill. I knew this was the one as soon as I spotted it in a Cooking Light magazine. My dad loves sherbet and cantaloupe, but who doesn’t?  It’s super easy and I’m planning to double the recipe […]


One of the ladies from our bootcamp requested a recipe using frozen strawberries and I found the PERFECT one! This delicious strawberry ice cream may be the simplest recipe you make all summer. It was quick – with only 3 ingredients – easy and SO delicious! I may have eaten most of the ice cream, all by […]

Blueberry Lemon Mousse Cake with Scented Orange Blossoms

This beautiful dessert was dreamed up by pastry chef Henrietta Inman and featured in her cookbook Clean Cakes ($18; amazon.com). We love it for Mother’s Day because she can enjoy it guilt-free, the whipped coconut cream filling doesn’t call for dairy or processed sugars. I love it so much that I’ve made it twice already! Happy Mother’s […]

Blueberry-Sour Cream Muffins

Blueberry muffins are a comfort food for me, so that’s always the first thing that jumps out at me when I go through a cookbook or cooking magazine. I have several really good recipes already, but this one got the whole family pretty excited. Most of it was probably the taste, but I also think […]

Peanut Butter Power Cookies

From “No Whine with Dinner,”  these cookies go fast. I cut down the sugar quite a bit and they still turned out great. The recipe calls for 1% milk, but I used non-fat and it didn’t seem to make a difference. They are quick and easy and worth considering a double batch. 

Perfect Mother’s Day Dessert: Pink Grapefruit Cupcakes

It only took me 3 years to try this recipe, but I finally made these and I must say they were worth the wait! Lighter in texture and the perfect size, these will be my new go-to dessert for social gatherings. I’ve included the recipe as noted in Health Magazine (March 2011), but I just […]