I asked Kristen Moore of Mindful Health Solutions to write a guest blog on Mindfulness, specifically related to Mindful eating.

We live in a fast paced world and it’s good to remind ourselves to slow down, live in the moment and enjoy life, especially when it comes to food and eating.

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Mindful eating, a lost skill

Mindfulness is the ability to consciously and purposefully be aware of your body,

your thoughts, and emotions in the moment without forming judgements. To

simply be present in that particular time and place. That awareness is used to

recognize your body sensations as well. It allows you to step outside yourself and

notice how your current environment is affecting you by observing your bodies

immediate physiological responses. This state of mind allows you to alter your

reflexive trained responses. You are able to gain control over your emotions and

see the event from a calmer, more balanced, and centered perspective. This total

mind and body awareness is key to making changes in your life, especially when it

comes to your eating habits.

Mindfulness gives you the capability to break up old patterns of behavior and see

your world in a new light. To pause, observe your thoughts, feelings, and bodily

reactions without judgement opens the door to a new way of eating. Those

moments of clarity allow you to notice situations that led to your behavior, the

behavior itself and its consequences. You can now see what was formerly

invisible. That knowledge gives you the power to make concrete changes in your


In our current environment food is a quick source of feel good that many use to

deal with the stresses or dissatisfactions of life. Mindfulness applied to eating

behaviors breaks up the reflexive desire for your food fix and instead allows you to

address underlying conditioned coping styles or habits. It is through mindfulness

that you can gain clarity into your eating behaviors. You now have the tools to

unlock the shackles of your old habits and breathe in the fresh air of awareness,

guiding you to a new life of healthful possibilities. The result; new found joy,

freedom and happiness in your healthy choices.

Kristen Moore

Behavioral Health Consultant


You can read more on the subject of mindful eating in this issue of Psychology Today

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