Guest Post: What to Expect at Bootcamp

It’s a given that we love bootcamp and all things related to fitness, so we decided to reach out and get another perspective. Suzanne Little was kind enough to submit this guest blog and we’re thrilled that we aren’t the only ones excited about bootcamp.

So you’ve been thinking about doing a bootcamp class but you can’t help but imagine an instructor blowing a whistle in your face and screaming at you for being a wimp or maybe you’re afraid you’ll be ordered to run in place with a rifle over your head while a drill sergeant sprays you with a garden hose…  (oh wait, I MAY have seen that on Officer and a Gentleman).

Ok ok , That is a little extreme.  I think we can all agree that fitness bootcamp isn’t REALLY like military bootcamp.   HOWEVER, what I DO know is that  it can still sound pretty intimidating to some people when they’re unsure about what it really is.   So let’s take a look at EXACTLY what you can expect your first time at bootcamp.

First of all….

A challenging workout for all fitness levels.  In most cases, you can expect a varying degree of  bodyweight exercises such as pushups, lunges, burpees and crunches, as well as drills and sprints.   Different equipment is also incorporated into each workout.  Medicine balls, power bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, battling ropes and agility ladders are just some of the many types of equipment you may use.    Essentially, a bootcamp workout is a type of interval training — bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity.  These workouts have the potential to be as tough as you want them to be, as you can always modify any exercise to your fitness abilities and goals.

Fresh air.  I love that bootcamp takes place outside.    Studies have shown that exercising outside increases your levels of vitamin D , as well as giving your endorphins a big boost which can greatly improve your mood.  No wonder it feels so amazing afterwards!

Support/encouragement.     This really is essential to a good bootcamp class.  What you will find from the very first class you attend, is that everyone supports and encourages each other’s efforts whether it be with a perfectly timed, “You’ve got this!” or “Only 3 more to go!”.  You will never feel like you’re working out alone because well.. you aren’t!

You’ll step outside your comfort zone. This is quite possibly  THE most significant thing you will discover when trying out boot camp for the first time.   You may have heard the quote, ” Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Its true.   You have no idea what you’re capable of unless you venture out of your norm and try something completely new.  By doing so, you increase confidence, change becomes easier and best of all, you might find something you truly enjoy.  


So, give it a try!  Its really fun and a perfect way to start your day!!

Disco Day at Bootcamp

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