Grilled Salmon with Lemon and Thyme

Sticking with our salmon theme, I decided to share our favorite recipe. I won’t lie, it’s hard for me to prepare fish, with the skin and making sure it’s deboned properly, but it’s so worth it. It’s quick to grill, is rich and filling and my boys approve. Growing up, my mom always prepared salmon with a little butter, Johnny’s Seasoning Salt and lemon so it’s like a comfort food for me.  I’ve tried countless salmon recipes and always go back to this simple one that I know my family will eat.  It’s amazing right off the grill and surprisingly better straight out of the fridge the next day for lunch.










32 oz. piece of salmon
1 lemon, sliced thin
1 T. capers
Johnny’s Seasoning Salt
1 T. fresh thyme (if I have it, it’s equally as good without)


Coat a sheet of aluminum foil with cooking spray and place the salmon in the middle. Sprinkle with Johnny’s Seasoning Salt (look for the MSG free) and capers. Top with lemon and thyme and seal the foil. Grill until the meat is flaky and done, generally about 4-6 minutes per half inch of fillet.

Spotlight: Salmon Nutritional Values

  • Vitamin B12 (236% daily recommended value)
  • Vitamin D (127%)
  • Selenium (78.3%)
  • Vitamin B3 (56.3%)
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (55%)
  • Protein (53.1%)
  • Phosphorus (52.1%)
  • Vitamin B6 (37.6%)
  • Iodine (21.3%
  • Choline (19.2%)
  • Vitamin B5 (18.4%)
  • Biotin (15.1%)
  • Potassium (14%)

Source: Dr. Josh Axe. Check out his 8 health and nutritional benefits of salmon here.

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