Get SMART with Goals

Teresa and I wanted to share some of our SMART goals with you; it was tough choosing because we have so many favorites!

Teresa’s Goal

I run quite a bit, but haven’t really been running with a focus for a couple of years now. My personal goal is actually an old one, to qualify for Boston. I’d only go run it again if I had a running buddy to join me, but I want to get back to actual training, long runs and all. I know it’s annoying for my friends and family since that means my schedule will be stricter, but there’s such satisfaction in setting a goal and working your booty off to get there.

I feel a little like I’m cheating with this goal, since I’ll be in a new age group this May, but considering I’ve been running 5-6 miles, at most, I still think it’s a reasonable goal. I’ll need to run a 3:55 or faster at the Portland Marathon in October. While that’s my specific goal, there will be additional goals that piggyback onto that- like better time management, getting more sleep and aiming for race weight.

Now that it’s out there, be prepared. You will hear about long runs, chafing and all of the annoying things runners talk about when they are training. I’m excited to run with a purpose again, instead of just getting it done. It’s amazing how goals can ignite that in us.


Shelly’s Goal

In 2012 I trained for my first Olympic length triathlon. Since I had never competed in a triathlon, I wasn’t exactly sure if all my goals were realistic, so I set a goal time based on my training times. Two times a week, I cycled, swam and ran. I worked up to cycling and running the distance for the race and swam 30 minutes 2x/week because I knew that time would adequately train me for the swim. I did a few bricks as the event approached and from there, added my times together and gave myself 5 minutes for each transition.

Altogether, I was able to set my goal time at 3 hours and 27 min. Next, I looked up the times from other women in my age group from the previous year, and while my goal time remained 3:27, I was hopeful that I would complete the race by 3:25. When race day came, I completed with a time of 3:17. I was so excited to have accomplished my goal!

My SMART goal was… I  will complete an Olympic length triathlon within 3 hours and 27 minutes on June 23, 2012.

I use this same template to set SMART goals for all my new events. It’s always fun to race against my own times when competing in a new event!

We hope our examples inspire you to set and achieve your goals!

Teresa & Shelly

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