Double Chocolate Cereal Treats

If you’re looking for a super easy treat to take to the office or a holiday cookie exchange, these are it. They  are like a chocolate rice krispy treat, but even easier to make, believe it or not. No baking or melting butter on the stovetop help make these a perfect starter recipe for any […]

Pumpkin-Honey Beer Quick Bread

I can’t believe I’ve had this recipe filed away from Cooking Light since 2008. Talk about embarrassing. At least I can say it was worth the wait. I love quick breads, mainly because I don’t have the patience for traditional bread making with yeast and waiting for it to rise, etc. Plus, quick breads tend […]

Buttermilk Pancakes

My son flew across the pond last weekend for college, so it’s safe to say it’s been a tough week around here. I preach all the time to not use food for comfort, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this sad. I’m willing to try anything to help with the ache, including […]

My First Bucket List

I always remind my boys that everyone can teach us something and my latest lesson came from my son’s teenage girlfriend. While in Central Oregon this past weekend, she was checking off things on her bucket list. Cliff jumping at Steelhead Falls, whitewater rafting and Crater Lake were all on the list. We helped with […]

Healthy and Delicious, Banana Bread Buckeyes

This is the first recipe I have made from The Toasted Pine Nut’s Blog and I am sold. These banana bread buckeyes are delicious and I love that she included hemp seeds – non-animal protein is always a win! To save time, I altered the recipe a bit. I didn’t melt the chocolate, instead I […]

Week of Full Body Workouts

With several of our ladies from boot camp away on vacation, we decided to create a full week of body weight workouts you can do while on vacation, no fitness equipment necessary. I love body weight exercises! They’re fast, effective and can be done anywhere. Vacation is a great time to rest, relax and try […]

Weekend Workout SUP

When you’re a newborn photographer, you see a pretty basket and think, ‘I could fit a baby in that!’ And when you’re a fitness trainer and you try a fun new item like a stand up paddle board, you think, ‘I could create a workout for that!’ Several years ago when I first tried SUP […]

Weekend Workout – Arms & Core

  Staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle, even on the weekend when you’re not at our fitness boot camp. Here’s an interval workout that will help you burn calories all day while adding definition and strength to your arms, core and glutes. Designed by certified fitness trainer’s Shelly Pincock and Teresa Wymetalek. No special […]

Goddess Fruit Salad

This Papaya Fruit Salad has been a family favorite for years! It’s seasonal since it calls for fresh papaya, nectarines and figs (I use dried). My girls request it every year at this time and I’ve made it so often, the recipe is stored in my memory forever. This fruit salad is so good for […]


One of the ladies from our bootcamp requested a recipe using frozen strawberries and I found the PERFECT one! This delicious strawberry ice cream may be the simplest recipe you make all summer. It was quick – with only 3 ingredients – easy and SO delicious! I may have eaten most of the ice cream, all by […]

Blueberry Lemon Mousse Cake with Scented Orange Blossoms

This beautiful dessert was dreamed up by pastry chef Henrietta Inman and featured in her cookbook Clean Cakes ($18; We love it for Mother’s Day because she can enjoy it guilt-free, the whipped coconut cream filling doesn’t call for dairy or processed sugars. I love it so much that I’ve made it twice already! Happy Mother’s […]


I asked Kristen Moore of Mindful Health Solutions to write a guest blog on Mindfulness, specifically related to Mindful eating. We live in a fast paced world and it’s good to remind ourselves to slow down, live in the moment and enjoy life, especially when it comes to food and eating. I hope you enjoy […]

A delicious, beautiful, and healthy Mother’s Day breakfast that anyone can make

Instead of sharing a recipe, I decided to share ideas on creating a beautiful, healthy, simple breakfast for Mother’s Day. This breakfast plate is easy to prepare with kids, healthy, colorful and nutritious. The inspiration for this meal was the colorful bell pepper eggs. From there I chose to add a breakfast salad made with Arugula […]

May the 4th be with you workout

  While we both love to celebrate life, I highly doubt Shelly shares my fascination with the Rebel Alliance and all things related to Star Wars. You’d never guess it, though, with our Star Wars workout this morning as we celebrated May 4th a little early. It was totally geeky, but it got our heart […]

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day that give throughout the year

Some of our favorite gifts for Mother’s Day, are gifts that keep on giving… For the mom who loves self discovery and knowledge, we love Kristen Moore of Mindful Health Solutions. She works with clients to tap into mindfulness where they begin to understand specific habits, and works with them to design individualized programs that lead […]