You’ve Set a Goal, Now Get Motivated

For most of us it’s pretty easy to come up with a list of goals. It can be fun to sit down and dream about crossing the finish line of your first marathon or fitting into the ‘skinny’ clothes in your closet. Without a plan, though, it’s just that- a dream or a wish. Shelly wrote a […]

Easter Weekend Workout

Happy Easter!

For this weekends workout we decided to add plyometrics to keep it fresh and fun for the whole family! Grab your workout partner, spouse and/or kids and go out in the sun for a fresh, fun new workout. Hoppy Easter!!


Teresa & Shelly

Flip a Coin Workout

This was so much fun!!  We had a blast, just needed more time. I wanted to do 60 seconds each, 45, then 30, but had to accept what we had and call it good. We will see this again! 

No excuses!

Sometimes we’re totally motivated to go to the gym or spontaneously meet up for a run, but we can’t because we don’t have the proper gear. For me, I often get so distracted at home that I forget to pack a vital piece in my gym bag. I’ve forgotten everything from shoes to something to […]

Portland Running Company 5k Winter Series

I think it’s so fun to get together outside of the gym and our classes and it’s a way to break up the routine.  I had a blast running the first of the Portland Running Company’s 5k Winter Series  with some ladies from class yesterday. The course for all three events is the same and the […]

Weekend Ladder Workout

Weekend Ladder: Start with 1 of each and work your way up to 8. From there, work your way back down the ladder. Jump Squats V-Ups (Single Leg/Double) Plie Hops Plank Push-Ups Oblique Crunch with Leg Extensions Concentrated Curls Tricep Overhead Extensions Single Leg Deadlifts Superman Diamond Push-Ups   Always make sure you do some […]

Plank Push Up Fun

Plank Push Ups- 30 seconds Seal Jacks- 30 seconds Clock Lunges- X 10 each leg Tricep Push Up with Frog to a Tadpole X 15 Side Plank Twist X 15 each side Superman X 15  Repeat for a total of 5 times through.     Repeat 5 times and get outside for a 20-30 minute […]

Cardio/Strength/Cardio/Core Circuit

Cardio Jump Rope Squat with alternating front kick Burpees Star Jacks Strength 10 Push-Ups/10 Tricep Dips Alternating lunges with a bicep curl Squat with a push press Wide row Cardio Flying lunges Shuffle Mountain climbers 360 Squat jumps Core Bent arm plank Criss-Cross (Bicycle crunch) V-sit (static) Roll up     Do each exercise for […]

Goonies Never Say Die

I love reasons to celebrate and a 30th anniversary is a pretty big deal, even if it’s for a cult classic movie. Growing up in the 80’s, I loved The Goonies. I had a crush on Mikey, loved that Cyndi Lauper helped with the soundtrack and it was fun to see familiar Oregon sights. 

Why I Love Events

~ It’s a great way to make friends. Regardless of pace, it’s fun to connect with other runners/walkers at events. Most events I run the course alone, but catch up with friends before or after and I LOVE to use social media (FACEBOOK) to find out who’s planning on coming out. It’s a good excuse […]

Minimum Effective Dose

Originally Posted on April 14, 2013 by David Hurford If you’ve ever done a marathon, you know (hopefully) what it’s like to wake up Saturday morning and head out for a 3-hour run.  If you’ve ever trained for a triathlon, you know what it’s like to spend nearly half your day running, biking, and swimming.  As pursuers of […]

Forming Habits Seize the Day

Every day is a gift and we all have a choice to take advantage of that gift. I keep saying that I’m going to get some ink with my favorite mantra: CARPE DIEM. While the tattoo hasn’t happened yet, I think we have constant reminders around us to seize the day.  Reminders to stop putting things off, […]

Find What Motivates You

Whether you’re new to an exercise program or a seasoned athlete, there are times you simply lack motivation.  It’s hard to get up early and lace up your shoes and it’s not any easier to head to the gym after a long day at the office.  You have to make the time to fit that […]