Strength.  Stamina.  Spirit.

These three elements are the basis of a healthy life.  Physical strength gives you the ability to go out and get stuff done.  Mental strength helps you face the ups and downs life throws at you.  Stamina is all about endurance — Whether its finishing your first marathon or having energy to do the thing you want to do after you finish everything you have to do.  Spirit is about how you choose to experience life.  We all have challenges and failures and  I love that every day is a fresh start  to meet those challenges and learn from our mistakes.  Every day brings an opportunity to make choices that give you strength, fuel your stamina, and feed your spirit. It’s all about attitude and making the choice to seize the day.

This blog is about having fun, getting fit, and living well.

I’m a mom of three very active boys.  My passion is helping others enrich their lives and the lives of their families by making healthy choices.  We are all in it together.  Get out there and do it.

Teresa Wymetalek

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