My First Bucket List

Steelhead Falls in Central Oregon

I always remind my boys that everyone can teach us something and my latest lesson came from my son’s teenage girlfriend. While in Central Oregon this past weekend, she was checking off things on her bucket list. Cliff jumping at Steelhead Falls, whitewater rafting and Crater Lake were all on the list. We helped with two out of the three, but fires and smoke, unfortunately, kept the last one on the list. There was no way I was going to jump into the freezing cold Deschutes River, but the concept inspired me.

I’m a big list maker, so it’s odd that I don’t have a bucket list. I have a list of events that I want to work through, but that’s as close to a bucket list as I get. It not only impressed me that she had a bucket list at such a young age, but that she could pull it up instantly to see what was left to experience.

Thanks to her bucket list, we had a blast checking out Steelhead Falls, just outside of Crooked River Ranch in Central Oregon. It was a short hike in and didn’t take long, but I could spend all day exploring the neighboring trails. The sights were amazing, the company was the best and I love the memories we made while checking it off her list. It got me thinking that I need to make my own bucket list. Then I realized I probably need multiple bucket lists. There are different seasons, some things I want to do as a family, some things I want to do with my husband, things to do with friends- the list is endless. With so many things I want to do, its possibly the reason I only have an event wish list, and not an actual life experience list. That day at Steelhead Falls was so fun and it sparked a change. I’m going to make a seasonal bucket list of things to do with my family and friends. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted trying to figure out something to do- a ready made list would help. Not to sound selfish, but if I had a list of places, activities and hot spots to choose from, it would make decisions so much easier.

I know I’m late to this whole thing and what was a light bulb experience for me is common sense for most, but it’s better late than never. I’ve heard that often people enjoy vacation PLANNING the most, even more so than the actual vacation.  I don’t fall in that category, but this whole concept has me understanding it a little more.

Just like setting goals, I’m going to list out some fall bucket list experiences that I want to enjoy and I’m hoping people will share their lists with me since I’m new to this whole thing.

My Fall 2017 Bucket List

Check out all things Goonies and climb the Astoria Column

Pick a hike from Curious Gorge and make a day of it

Just like the Brady Bunch, visit a ghost town. Kinton is the closest one I could find.

Run Like Hell

Try U-Pick at Columbia Farms on Sauvie Island

Check out Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Portland

Attend Halloweentown in St. Helens.

FINALLY run the Mt. Tabor area

Eat at Apizza Scholls

Watch the Chapman Swifts


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